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Our MEKE Marketing dashboard has everything you need to manage and monitor your content marketing in one place. Create beautiful email campaigns, schedule social media, monitor reviews, track keyword rankings, keep tabs on overall performance, and if you can believe it or not—a whole lot more!

Marketing Team

MEKE Marketing was created by two women who love marketing. Together they created MEKE Marketing and are supported by a full team to take care of your every possible need.


Looking for a website to help represent your business? We offer website set-up and design to fit any need. E-commerce, education, and healthcare platforms are available.


If you want to accept payments online, use our safe and reputable payment services. Increase revenue with this fast form of payment.


Our platform provides you with customer relationship management. Simply upload your contacts to streamline marketing to your audience. We know each industry has its parameters and we can help those in the healthcare industry to market to patients without HIPAA violations.


Easily manage forms online for easy communication with your customers. Our forms are easy to use and can be customized to your industry and needs.


Help your clients schedule time with you and your associates. Being able to schedule services online provides clients with quick and easy access. Show your clients you respect their time.

Email Marketing

By sending emails strategically to your clients, you can guarantee when a need arises that your brand will come to mind first. Stay in front of your audience. Don't be out of sight and out of mind. Re-marketing email campaigns can help you reach those customers who have visited before but maybe didn't complete a transaction.

Text Marketing

Reach customers with special offers, promotions, and other important announcements by using our text marketing features.


In a world where everyone has the internet in their pocket, it's important that your business is listed correctly and consistently across all search engines and listings. Our platform can help do this quickly to save you time.


Knowing what people say about your business is important to help you know what customers want. This knowledge can also help you prevent public relations disasters.


Manage your social media presence, approve media posts, and schedule regular posts for a consistent online presence.


Use the platform to see the analytics of your ad campaigns. We know that knowledge is power. You'll have access to all data about ads run for your business.

Your pathway to marketing success

Your pathway to marketing success!

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